Attendants thanked for all their support

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Greg MacDougall was accompanied his four Attendants – Thomas Bell, Darren Knox, Adam Nichol and Scott Rodgerson – at Monday’s dinner of the Ex-Standard Bearers Association.

He thanked them for their support since Appointment Night and said they had conducted themselves in a manner befitting their positions.

And he declared: “I have every confidence that they will fulfil their roles in carrying the Burgh Flag round our ancient Marches. As an Attendant, this is a very special experience and the emotions you feel are quite surreal. I hope they savour the moment.”

The Royal Burgh Standard Bearer told the company: “This is indeed a busy time for us all – time that must be invested in maintaining the traditions that are dear to all Souters and which cannot be under-estimated. The dedication and willingness to carry the Royal Burgh Flag round the Marches of the Common Lands - which were won and guarded by brave Souters through the centuries - cannot be under-valued and it is more than a privilege to be part off.”

He congratulated Ex-Standard Bearers Ian Galloway on reaching his Golden Jubilee and John Beveridge, his Silver. And he revealed: “In the spring I rode to the Three Brethren with John, shortly before he left for his new adventure in Qatar. He shared his memories of 25 years ago and gave me encouragement and inspiration for the year ahead.”

And he went on: “As I take charge of the newly-Bussed Flag and lead the cavalcade from the Victoria Halls, my Attendants and I will endeavour to uphold the traditions of the oldest Common Riding of them all.

“I cannot explain how proud I feel - or put into words - the emotions I have felt since my appointment. The support and good luck messages I have received has been overwhelming, and I will do my utmost to repay that trust, by representing this town with the dignity and respect that befits the position of Royal Burgh Standard Bearer.”

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