Ettrickbridge mother vows London protests will go on

FCO demo

FCO demo

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The Ettrickbridge mother of a man found dead in France in 2010 says more demonstrations over the lack of information will continue in London.

Julie Sheppard, husband Les and their family have spent more than three years trying to get all of the official reports into the death of Julie’s son, Andrew Watt, whose body was discovered in a country lane, 140 miles from Paris, in September, 2010.

FCO demo

FCO demo

French authorities concluded his death was caused by ill-health.

On Tuesday, the Sheppards joined around 30 other people outside the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London to protest over the withholding of information in connection with the deaths of loved ones abroad.

This was the second such demonstration and followed a similar event staged in October.

With two large banners, the group sang and chanted for almost three hours. However, a request for someone from the FCO to speak with the group came to nothing.

“We did ask if someone would be prepared to meet with us, but no-one came out,” Mrs Sheppard told The Wee Paper during a break in the journey back home.

“I would say about 75 per cent of those at the event were Scottish. Our own government has left us and these other families hanging out to dry. But we won’t go away – we’re going to make these protests a six-monthly event.”

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