Souters made £10k contribution to Margaret Kerr Unit

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Souters made a valuable contribution to building the new Margaret Kerr Unit at the Borders General Hospital, thanks to the £10,000 donation from the fund set up to fight the closure of Selkirk Cottage Hospital.

When the Viewfield cottage hospital closed in 1988 after a nine-year campaign to save it, the fund was invested in the Viewfield Memorial Trust, where the money lay untouched until earlier this year, when Dr Lindsay Neil and the other trustees decided it could be put to good use helping the Margaret Kerr appeal.

“The people of Selkirk who donated all the money will be pleased it is being well-spent,” Dr Neil told The Wee Paper.

He went on: “The Margaret Kerr Unit will be performing an important role that Viewfield admirably performed until it was closed, and we now welcome the restoration locally of at least one of the functions of the greatly regretted closure of Selkirk’s own Cottage hospital at Viewfield. The trustees are very grateful for all the donations over the years.”

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