John shares his trip down memory lane

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John Graham took a walk down memory lane to propose the toast to the Royal and Ancient Burgh at the Ex- Standard Bearers’ dinner.

Back from the ice of his home in Arctic Canada, John recalled his childhood days on Sunnycroft Farm at Lindean and of his family’s connection with the Common Riding, including his grandfather Jock Currie being Royal Burgh Standard Bearer in 1913.

He commented: “Sunnycroft was the centre of my universe until, at the age of 18, I left for Canada.”

He later recounted: “Back in 1976, communications in the Arctic were not what they are today and I remember learning of Grandpa Jock Currie’s death that year, when I received a copy of the Wee Paper with its solitary picture on the front page showing members of this association carrying him to his final resting place in Brierylaw.

“The hardest part for the exile returning, is the people who are not here anymore.”

John’s stroll down memory lane embraced the library when it hosted the Flodden Flag; the Lawson Memorial Church; characters on the street; the picture house and Nan Haldane’s sweet shop. .

John concluded: “For the exile, Selkirk and all it stands for, is the charter of our self respect. It binds, it heals, it revives, it invigorates, it sets the bruised and broken on their legs and it refreshes the soul. It is the salve and tonic of our character. Memories are a reflection of the spirit which lives in us all.”

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