Anger at massive dump of rubbish in Megget Water – twice

Meggat Water rubbish

Meggat Water rubbish

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SEPA and Scottish Borders Council have been contacted after a second load of rubbish was dumped in Megget Water after the Easter weekend.

Yarrow sheep farmer Doreen Davies, chairman of Cappercleuch Hall committee, noticed the pollutants flowing down the Megget Water into St Mary’s Loch this week.

“It looks like it’s just been chucked off the Megget Bridge,” she said.

Visible waste included half a dozen large gas canisters and 10-litre cooking oil containers, plus lots of plastic soft drink and soy sauce bottles, and polystyrene packaging.

“This is the second time in a few months I’ve had to clean out the river,” she said, “but I’ve never seen it this bad. It looks like it’s been dumped by the same group.

“It’ll be litter left after the Easter weekend. There are no waste bins, because it’s council policy to not put down litter bins to encourage people to take rubbish home.

“Well, it doesn’t work like that. Yarrow’s a magnet for campers, and there’s no ranger to look after it.

“It would be nice if there was someone to patrol the area, but there’s nobody, and the legislation doesn’t seem able to control things.

“All SEPA seem to consider is whose land it is. The landowner has to pay to dispose of it, but it seems madness they have to clear up after people. So it’s very tempting for them just to leave it in the river.”

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