In our article last week that up to eight jobs were expected to be axed at local tartan weaving company D.C. Dalgliesh, we said the firm had failed to reply to numerous attempts to contact them by phone and email.

However, a reply had been sent ahead of our deadline, but had failed to deliver due to a technical issue. The article was written in good faith.

In the email, managing director Dr Nick Fiddes said DC Dalgliesh has entered into a consultation process with staff as it considers various options for the organisation’s future development.

Dr Fiddes continued: “We are investing heavily in the DC Dalgliesh operation, with every confidence in the company’s future.

“Until our consultations are complete, I cannot comment on specific changes, but the long-term picture is a positive one.

“What I can tell you is that we have recently begun a full-scale relaunch of DC Dalgliesh, with many new products and services in the pipeline.

“And we’re delighted with the extremely positive response we’ve had to this already, including being featured by Vogue and showcased at Harvey Nichols.”




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