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With one week to go before a consultation closes on changing to a four-and-a-half-day school week, The Wee Paper asks headteachers at Selkirk’s schools for their views.

Under Scottish Borders Council’s proposed system, both primary and secondary pupils would spend four-and-a- half days in school each week, with no reduction in the total classroom time for children.

Wilma Burgon, headteacher at Selkirk High School, argued that while it is financially driven and has its challenges, there are benefits.

“An early closure one afternoon a week will provide an opportunity for teachers to engage in professional development, and to work together across schools to plan aspects of the curriculum,” she said.

“In secondary schools a shared structure will facilitate timetable alignment to help protect and possibly increase curricular choice for senior students.”

Mo Brown, headteacher at Kirkhope and Yarrow Primary Schools, agreed, adding: “At present teachers have to meet at the end of the school day.

“The option of meeting for a whole afternoon would give us a longer period of focused time on developments. Meeting for whole afternoons would allow schools to train together, but we struggle to bring staff together outwith inservice days due to travel and time contraints.”

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