Historic dinner dance and the colour bussin’ ‘a great success’

The Ex-Soldiers Association Sash and Ribbons

The Ex-Soldiers Association Sash and Ribbons

An historic dinner, Bussin’ o’ Colours and dance took place in Selkirk on Friday night.

The Selkirk Ex-Soldiers Association held its usual annual dinner dance at O’Malleys and, for the first time, combined the event with the colour bussing, which usually takes place the night before Common Riding.

The Association earlier this year appointed the Common Riding’s first female Standard Bearer. And on Friday night, the colours of the Association’s Standard Bearer Mrs Fiona Deacon, were bussed by her husband, David, who was the Association’s Standard Bearer last year.

Association chairman, Graham Easton told the Wee Paper yesterday (Thursday): “It went very well. It was a full house, it was well attended and all the comments have been very favourable.”

He explained the reasons behind including the Colour Bussing on Friday: “The Thursday night before the Common Riding, the United Crafts have their Bussin’ and the Crying of the Burley clashes with the beginning of our Bussin’: it’s a busy night, there are a lot of people going about and we had confined ourselves to do our thing. It lets people be free to enjoy other groups and organisations the night before the Common Riding.”

During the dinner he made introductions and reflected on the Selkirk Ex-Soldiers Association’s past year.

He asked the assembled to reflect on 2014 being the 100th anniversary of the breakout of the First World War and said: “We should remember that when we assemble at 5.30am on Common Riding morning because it’s because of their (soldiers) sacrifice that we are here to enjoy the Common Riding today.”

He referred to change too and told the Wee Paper: “We have probably made more changes in the last year than we have in the last 100. We have to change with the times, we can’t stand still.”

David Deacon introduced this year’s Standard Bearer, his wife, Fiona who replied before Bryan Hoggan performed a song for diners. Provost David Anderson then made his toast and introduced the Royal Burgh Standard Bearer, Greg MacDougall, who replied.

The Association’s 2012 Standard Bearer, Stuart Lunt, also spoke.

And after the Colour Bussin’, Graham presented the Colours to Fiona.

She told the Wee Paper: “I very much enjoyed the evening. The format worked very well.”

Asked if there was a particular highlight, she said: “Being presented with the Colours by the Chairman during the Bussin’ was a highlight but I thoroughly enjoyed everything, the whole evening was a great success.”

The vote of thanks was proposed by Donald Francis and the piper for the evening was Colin Turnbull.




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