History is round every burgh corner

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Alasdair Craig gave a rousing speech, stirring the hearts of Souters gathered at the Fleshers’ Bussin.

Toasting the Royal and Ancient Burgh, the 2007 Royal Burgh Standard Bearer reflected on Selkirk’s illustrious past and future.

“History here, ladies and gentlemen is everywhere, round every corner,” he told the Craft’s members. “If the stones o’ oor cobbled wynds and closes could speak, what tales they could tell of Souters long since gone.

“Even in our generation, this toun has produced great characters, many sadly no longer with us but never far from our minds at this time of year as we share stories and reminisce of the past.

“The Common Riding has become the embodiment for all that this proud auld toon stands for: its glorious and bloody past, fierce independence, pride in itself and bright hopes for the future. Here we are tonight on the threshold of another.

“As this auld toun will burst to life with that kindred feeling of high spirits, arms linked and galvanised by the music of our three great bands, shoulder to shoulder we will march together and make history again. We must guard what we have here and make sure future generations see the immense worth there is in living in a town, where there is a real sense of belonging and a community where life friendships bind us together and make it a great environment to live in.

“Is it not better they grow up with a desire to be part of it, to have an ambition to be a Standard Bearer and learn responsibility from an understanding of the history of their surroundings, unlike many inner city and urban estates with no heart and crime is the accepted way of life? Flesher’s Standard Bearer Ward, may I wish you, your Lady Busser Sara and the rest of your family a truly memorable Common Riding. Grab this chance of a lifetime with both hands, and may the sun grace your flag as it once again takes its place in our time- honoured procession.”

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