No show for council, or Wirsten

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Community councillors aborted their monthly meeting on Monday night, because they were locked out of the Victoria Halls.

Nearly all turned up, including regional councillor Gordon Edgar and community policeman Roy Brown, but had to go home again after 20 minutes waiting in the cold and dark, when they couldn’t contact the keyholder, who lives an hour away in Westruther, or the deputy hall keeper.

Scottish Borders Council (SBC) blamed community councillors. “A booking had not been made for the committee rooms. Best to ask the community council as to why this wasn’t done,” a spokesperson said.

SBC later explained to secretary Alistair Pattullo the onus is on hirers to check bookings are up to date, since it doesn’t have time to remind them when block hires expire. “We’re all booked up now for the next 12 months,” Mr Pattullo said.

At the council’s last meeting, Nic Wirsten declared his intention to resign as a councillor, following his letter criticising local police and condemnation from other councillors for talking “wind and piss”, as council chairman Graeme Easton termed it.

But, Mr Easton confirmed, as yet no letter of resignation has been received from Mr Wirsten, who did not turn up to attend Monday’s meeting at 7pm.

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