Pop-up shops ‘will go on’ in 2014

Selkirk’s Chamber of Trade has vowed to continue its pop-up shop “success”, despite the trial project coming to an end.

“It’s been very successful,” said chairman Will Haegeland, adding: “It has increased footfall, and the project has brought variety and excitement back into our High Street. We can see an increasing number of comments from people from near-by towns that Selkirk is a place to visit again.

“Since we started in May, we’ve organised 300 arts, crafts and community events, which wouldn’t have happened if the pop-up shops weren’t in Selkirk.

“All the businesses had good sales, and quite a few have taken up the pop-up shops regularly. One has set up a permanent shop in Peebles. Other towns like Gala and Hawick (where there are 35 empty shops) have been in contact to see what they could learn and benefit from.”

Mr Haegeland went on: “The pop-up shops are booked up in January, and will go on. This was the trial period, and now we know it works, we want to take it forward.

“Despite the fact that the initial project and funding is coming to an end, it would be detrimental for the High Street and our town to close this process down in its infancy.

“We need to find innovative ways of using the pop-up process for the continuing benefit of the town.”




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