Selkirk scores again with Tiltin’ Festival at Haining



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The Festival of the Horse hosts a demonstration of the ancient art of Tilting at the Ring at the Haining on May 22, between 6.30-8pm.

The event will see international riders from Denmark, compete against horseman and women from Selkirk and other Border towns.

This unique, 400-year-old equestrian sport and its traditions are as important in South Jutland (the Danish Borders) as the Common Ridings are to the Scottish Borders.

Now in its second year, Selkirk offers the only tilting event to be held in Scotland, or indeed the UK.

Two groups, at King’s Equestrian near Jedburgh and at Bowhill Stables near Selkirk, have been training throughout the winter to take part. Riders gallop towards a ‘gallows’ with outstretched lance, aiming to catch a ring suspended from it.

The winner is the 
person who manages to catch the smallest ring, which starts at 22mm in diameter and reduce in size in subsequent rounds, typically going down to around 5mm.

Riders will congregate at the Haining at 6.30pm for the demonstration.

Music will be provided by the well-known Riddell Fiddles and the ballad, The Bonny Earl of Moray, which links Scotland to tilting, will be sung by Robyn Kinsman Blake.

Members of the public are welcome to attend and entry is free of charge, refreshments will be available.

The following night (May 23), there will be an international tilting competition between the Scots and Danes at Bowhill Stables at 6.30pm.

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