Selkirk teenager banged schoolgirl's head off bus

A SCHOOLGIRL pleaded to be left alone as she was tormented by a young teenager – and as she tried to escape her head was slammed against a parked bus.

Jade Cessford, now 17, grabbed the 15-year-old by the hair and prosecutor Viki Welton told the town's sheriff court this week: "The force was such that the bang was heard 20 metres away."

The schoolgirl was comforted by a bus passenger and Ms Welton told the sheriff: "She was described as absolutely terrified, gasping for breath and sobbing uncontrollably."

Cessford, of Woodburn House Hotel, admitted assault and making threats. Her solicitor, Ian Wells, said she had not been drinking prior to the attack at Galashiels bus station on September 8.

But the court heard she was drunk on May 25 when she smashed a window at Tweedbank Primary School with a stone. The court was told she laughed after returning to gloat at the outcome of her actions.

Sheriff Kevin Drummond commented: "This is just another of our 16-year-old drunken vandals."

And he warned Cessford: "You should understand that your behaviour has consequences and that I can put an end to it for short periods of time. You were expelled from school due to unruly and aggressive behaviour, and are said to be abusing alcohol."

Sentence on the vandalism charge was deferred until May to allow her pay the 100 bill for repairs. And Cessford was referred to the Reporter to Children's Panel for the attack at the bus station.

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