Souters wilkommen in Bavaria and Austria

Platting visit.

Platting visit.

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The Mayor of Plattling paid tribute to Souters who visited Selkirk’s twin town in Germany last week.

Burgermeister Erich Schmid told us the Bavarian townsfolk enjoyed the visit “very much”, adding that Selkirk’s two nights of music had sold out both halls in Plattling and Scharnitz – Plattling’s other twin town in the Austrian Tyrol mountains.

“The link is still very important because of all the friendships: between the firmemen, police, school children, and the twinning committees of both towns,” he said. “This should grow and become stronger.”

Speaking of future plans, Mr Schmid said there would be pupil exchanges in 2015.

Twinning Group member Astrid Hahne added: “It was a wonderful weekend and a very successful visit.

“The twinning is of great value, and comes from the heart: a lot of deep and enduring friendships have grown over the years.

“With more, new, young people joining it will grow more and more. It is a good thing to be linked with Selkirk, and to learn more about each other. It is also a nice thing that Plattling’s second twin town, Scharnitz in Austria, is making stronger links to Selkirk.”

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