Standard Bearer facing up to being on the move

Royal Burgh Standard Bearer Greg MacDougall

Royal Burgh Standard Bearer Greg MacDougall

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As Selkirk Common Riding gets closer, Royal Burgh Standard Bearer Greg MacDougall and his Attendants have been out and about, including attending the annual Pin Night at Selkirk Conservative Club last Friday.

Last Saturday afternoon they went to Denholm to support, on foot, Hawick Cornet Ross Gibson before the Masonic Club’s presentation to Greg that evening and birthday celebrations for Attendant Darren Knox.

The last flag practise took place at Linglie on Monday night. The following evening there was a full band flag prastice at Viewfield when local children, too, cast their own flags. Wednesday brought a visit to Scotsheep in Berwickshire, the annual visit to Riverside nursing home and Attendant Scott Rodgerson’s birthday.

Yesterday (Thursday), the Royal Burgh Standard Bearer and his Attendants were set to head for Hawick for the Chase and Hut, before a First Bus photoshoot at Galashiels with the Braw Lad and Lass, Gavin Young and Alice Mackay, with their images expected to appear on X95 buses. The team were scheduled to return to Hawick for the Colour Bussin’ and Cornet’s Walk.

Today sees the Selkirk principals attend the Cornet’s breakfast before mounting up for Hawick Common Riding.

There’s casting practise this afternoon, then it’s off to the Crafts Dinner at night, leaving at 10.30pm for the Hawick Ball. Tomorrow afternoon, Greg and his Attendants go to the Children’s Picnic, then the Fleshers’ Bussin’ in the evening.

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