Testing the water for new Yarrow footbridge

Three Estates Walk at Philiphaugh.

Three Estates Walk at Philiphaugh.

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A petition has been launched to test local support for a new Yarrow footbridge to connect Selkirk’s three estates on a walking route.

The Three Estates Walk, proposed by Selkirk Regeneration Company, would link the Haining, Bowhill and Philiphaugh.

The petition says all three landowning estates have already given their support to the bridge, planned over the Yarrow Water just above where it meets the Ettrick Water at the Meeting Pool.

Currently, if walkers don’t want to get their feet wet, they can cross the Yarrow 1km upstream on the Generals Bridge at Bowhill House’s East Lodge, and 2km downstream on the roadbridge across the Ettrick Water. Above the Meeting Pool, the Ettrick is also spanned by a suspension footbridge at Gilkeekit.

Carol Byers, events and communications manager for The Haining Trust, told us that so far 140 signatures have been gathered in favour of a feasibility study into the new bridge and footpath, marked in red in the map above.

She explained: “The Three Estates Walk will give everyone wider access to enjoy the natural and cultural attractions of the Haining Estate, Bowhill House and Country Park, the Salmon Viewing Centre and Battle of Philiphaugh Interpretation.

“The proposed bridge will link to the existing footbridge at Gilkeekit by construction of a new path. The bridge will open up a wide range of existing routes allowing the general public to walk in a circle from Selkirk by way of the lower Yarrow and Ettrick valleys.

“In this first stage of the project, we need to undertake a feasibility study and are looking for public support for this idea to enhance our applicaton for financial assistance from Scottish and Southern Energy through their Sustainable Development Fund.

“The feasibility study will produce a detailed bill of quantities and a construction design, allowing us to take the project to the next stage.

“If you feel that a footbridge across the Yarrow and a new section of walkway to Gilkeekit is a good idea, please show your support by signing our petition at www.gopetition.com/petitions/three-estates-walk

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