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A memorial garden built in Selkirk to mark the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden has been vandalised.

Bushes have been broken, a bench has been scraped with a sharp object and the corner of a sandstone storyboard has been chipped.

Jake Wheelans, chairman of the Flodden 500 Club says he wants the culprits to be caught and named and shamed.

He also said he believes it is possible that the damage was done by a gang of youths who have been wreaking havoc in the town centre, as reported in the Wee Paper last week.

Mr Wheelans told us: “The memorial garden which was built in the grounds of the Victoria Halls in Selkirk by public donations and grants to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Battle of Flodden and opened in September 2013, has been vandalised on the past Friday and Saturday evenings.

“This has been caused by a group of youngsters whom have been spotted in the garden with their bicycles, skate boards and scooters.

“Scrubs have been broken, benches scratched, sandstone storyboards chipped and pathways marked.

“There have been discussions at the last Selkirk Community Council meeting regarding the activities of this group of youngsters, and the time must be for the parents to ask their children where they are and what they are doing in the evenings, and they must realise if you follow the crowd you will be caught and named with the crowd.”

He added: “The police have been informed and we await for further action to follow.”

Last week’s story attracted a great deal of interest on our social media pages.

We reported how a certain group of youngsters, aged 12-15, had been hanging around the town centre and outlying areas, generally causing upset, swearing at elderly passers-by, drinking and leaving litter.

People took to our Facebook page to put across their views.

Graham Ford wrote: “Kids will create there own fun,and they don’t believe they are causing any harm or trouble in there minds. It’s just the way it is nowadays! No police, can’t drag them by the ear,can’t shout at them,can’t talk to them! It’s impossible to even reason with them!”

Gareth Cuthbert said: “For starters, the kids from Selkirk are not a gang. Using that term only gives them a sense of power over the whole situation.

“Loitering can be made a local offence. Why not ban large groups from congregating without reasonable excuse?”

Jennifer Duncan Beaumont added: “Time to get somin for there age group to do and go at wknds there is nothing for them they need a disco a place to mingle no wonder they are drinking running a mock nothing for them to do at wknds in Selkirk and as for calling them gangs I don’t think so they are groups of friends with nothing to do.”

Jamie Rickelton agreed.

He wrote: “Kids used to have after school youth clubs. I’m sure having something like that again would probably counter the cost of anti social behaviour.”

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