Reflections on the many changes

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Ex-Standard Bearer Douglas Gunn reflected on change when he replied to the toast to the Common Riding at his Association’s dinner on Monday.

He said : “When Provost Len Thomson said some 40 years ago changes would come but the Common Riding would go, he meant it.

“I remember in 2000 when Alistair Moffat spoke at the Pin Night, he said that in his lifetime there would be a lady Cast a flag. You could have heard a pin drop.”

And in a reference to Fiona Deacon about to Cast for the Ex-Soldiers’ Association, he declared: “It is only right that we wish the first lady Standard Bearer a great day on Friday.”

He also congratulated Ex-Standard Bearers James Cheyne and Stuart Coltherd on being appointed the new head stewards for the ride.

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