Row over Gala player Gass explodes

REPORTS that two Gala Fairydean players are moving to Selkirk next season has caused a war of words between the local teams, writes Fiona Scott.

It was revealed this week that Grant Gass, currently under contract with the Netherdale outfit, had signed for the Souters and that Paul Hossack was also considering a move to Yarrow Park.

But, Gala Fairydean management are strongly denying the stories and have contacted the SFA over the matter.

Fairydean secretary Kevin Janiak told The Wee Paper: “Grant Gass and Paul Hossack are Gala Fairydean players. They signed for us three weeks ago and are registered with the SFA.

“Neither player has asked us to release them from their amateur contract, and no other club has contacted us about them in any way.

“Therefore, it was with dismay that we found out that they had taken part in a training session with Selkirk FC last week.

“And we were appalled to read in a local paper this week that Gass has actually signed a contract with Selkirk.

“Gala Fairydean will accordingly be making an official complaint to the SFA today regarding Selkirk FC’s conduct in this matter."

Selkirk chairman Jim Moody, however, has strongly denied any underhand moves and has invited the Gala club to do their worst.

He told us: “They can complain to the SFA if they want. I know nothing about Paul Hossack signing with us and it was Grant Gass who came to us and asked to join.

“I was there when he phoned Jos Richie (Gala Fairydean chairman) to tell him that he no longer wished to play for them and as far as I’m concerned that’s all he needed to do. He only needs to wait two weeks after doing that and he can sign for whoever he likes.

“In my opinion Gala are being pretty petty about the whole thing. Several of our players have told me that Fraser Lothian has spoken to them about moving over there, but we aren’t running to the SFA.

“That’s just the nature of the beast in East of Scotland Football and I have better things to do than get involved in a tit-for-tat argument about it.

“The way we look at it is that if boys want to leave they can go. I’d rather have that than have players playing for my team that don’t want to be there.

“The bottom line is that Grant (Gass) wants to play for a premiership side and if that’s his choice he should be allowed to do it without all this aggro.”

Fairydean player Jay Wilson is also considering a move to Yarrow Park, along with Chris Black from Kelso. Selkirk play their first pre-season friendly against a Hibs squad at Yarrow Park on Wednesday, July 15.

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