Selkirk breaks world record for longest hoppie, not a stoppie

Mountain Bike weekend in Selkirk

Mountain Bike weekend in Selkirk

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Stunt bicycle riders didn’t achieve the world’s longest stoppie (front wheel wheelie) at Selkirk’s Mountain Bike Festival in the High Street last weekend, but they did set a new world record for the most hoppies.

Brett Penfold, 24, from Co. Durham put the Royal Burgh in the Guinness Book of Records by jumping on the back wheel of his bike the most times without stopping: an exhausting 326 ‘bunny hops’ to be exact, comfortably beating the previous record of 241.

“It was quite an achievement, and it all happened in Selkirk High Street,” said Will Haegeland, Chairman of Selkirk’s Chamber of Trade, which organised the bike events in the town centre during the weekend’s national mountain bike marathons to increase tourist spending in local businesses.

Overall, around 400 people watched the attempts, and took part in the pump tracks and roller racing competitions.

“It shows the town centre can be used to attract lots of people, and it doesn’t need to be a dead space,” Mr Haegeland added.

“We were pleased to get one world record – that was the idea behind it.

“We aimed for a world record stoppie, but we got a hoppie. Every time he did it he got closer and closer, but you can only try 10 times.

“But we won’t give up on this. We will get there. We might get a whole wall of plaques in Selkirk.”

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