Souters go at full tilt in Denmark

Tilting At Soderborg, Denmark

Tilting At Soderborg, Denmark

Three Royal Burgh horsemen are just back from one of the biggest mounted events in Europe in the shape of Denmark’s Sonderborg Festival.

Falconer Grieve, Kim Peters and Scott Rodgerson spent the weekend in the southern Danish town of Sonderborg, which lies in a region well-known for its tilting events.

The trio are members of the Scottish Borders Tilters’ Association and took part in the festival on Friday and Sunday, and at a smaller event on the Saturday. Riders use lances to “tilt” at rings, which decrease in size as competitions progress.

Training since last year’s visit certainly paid off, as Falconer, Kim and Scott took rings at every event, with the highest score being Kim’s excellent nine rings on the Saturday.

The Scottish riders got a tremendous welcome from their Danish counterparts, and were asked to carry the Saltire near the front of the processions.

Falconer told us: “It was a fantastic experience. On the Friday there was about 500 riders and another 475 on the Sunday – so it’s a huge event.

“We were the only foreign riders taking part. It was different from the Common Riding, but also had some similarities,” added Falconer.

“Some of the Danish riders are now keen to come to the Borders.”




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